Giving Back

Enjoy learning how your purchase is helping these amazing nonprofit, charitable foundations that LIV & LOU team members are directly involved with. These foundations are doing the hard work globally to help those most vulnerable. In addition to the donations from Liv & Lou our curators are always on the lookout to bring to you products that are also GIVING BACK on their own.

So we like to call this "Double Dipping"!

Below you will find the current foundation we are sponsoring this month!


Previous Recipients 


Bountiful Hope Foundation is near and dear to Holli's heart! She has been volunteering for over 8 years by creating and posting their social media content, website management and helping to make sure the annual newsletter reaches all of the many wonderful benefactors helping us support so many beautiful orphans in Lesotho have the brightest futures. It is an honor to do this work. I can personally assure you that the funds we raise for BHF go directly to support these orphans. Board members and their families always use their own funds to fly to Lesotho and cover all of their own costs for room and board while there. No members here in the US receive any compensation for their work for the foundation. It is truly amazing! 

Together We are Stronger

Bountiful Hope Foundation (BHF) has been working in Lesotho since 2005. It started as a non-profit whose mission was to raise funds to pay for the tuition for orphans in secondary or vocational school. Since then it has evolved into also providing for college tuition and economic development projects for graduated orphans. In 2017, another non-profit, American Friends of Semonkong Children’s Centre (AFSCC), was formed in order to support the Semonkong Children’s Centre - an orphanage for children and adolescents in dire need of assistance. In 2020, BHF and AFSCC joined forces and combined Boards in order to pool our talents to make a greater impact in Lesotho. Both organizations have a committed heart for the orphans and vulnerable people of Lesotho and we are excited to work together. The newly formed Board of Directors is comprised of individuals from both BHF and AFSCC and, going forward, the new organization will keep the name Bountiful Hope Foundation.


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